Antinomianism and the Problem of Matthew 5:17-19

Theology is a lot like everything else in at least one regard: there really is nothing new under the sun. There are no new heresies, there just old ones that have been repackaged and sold to the historically ignorant majority of professing Christians. The latest repackaged heresy that seems to be growing in popularity is antinomianism. It seems that Watchman Nee has been traded out for Joseph Prince, but the underlying doctrine is still the same.

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11 Years and Counting

I had been up all night, working as the Battalion Staff Duty NCO, and by the time I finally turned in for some sleep, I was dog tired. Staff Duty has to be one of the most thankless duties anyone pulls in the Army, and I was just glad to have it over, get some sleep, and maybe enjoy a day off-duty.  Continue reading

A Personal Request **UPDATED**

On the whole, I tend to be intensely private. I’m not one who speaks much of himself among people that are entirely unknown. Yet I feel compelled to reveal something of myself, as I need your help.

I was adopted when I was three-weeks-old. In ways that I can’t possibly begin to explain, adoption has touched every single facet of my life. Here’s just one example: I don’t look like anyone in my family. I’m 5’3″ and tip the scales at about 140 pounds; my adoptive father, on the other hand is every inch of 6’4″ and weighs in at about 255. He and I tend to laugh hysterically when we are told how much we look alike.  Continue reading

What Happened to Morton H. Smith, Mr. Lucas?

I really should be preparing my paper for Prolegomea and Theology right now (since it’s due Thursday), rather than blogging, but in the process of doing some research on Robert Lewis Dabney‘s view of the source of theology, I ran across an article titled “Southern Fried Kuyper?: Robert Lewis Dabney, Abraham Kuyper, and the Limitations of Public Theology.” Not very helpful, frankly, given the topic of my paper, but there was one comment in the footnotes that got my blood pressure up just a wee bit.

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