A Personal Request **UPDATED**

On the whole, I tend to be intensely private. I’m not one who speaks much of himself among people that are entirely unknown. Yet I feel compelled to reveal something of myself, as I need your help.

I was adopted when I was three-weeks-old. In ways that I can’t possibly begin to explain, adoption has touched every single facet of my life. Here’s just one example: I don’t look like anyone in my family. I’m 5’3″ and tip the scales at about 140 pounds; my adoptive father, on the other hand is every inch of 6’4″ and weighs in at about 255. He and I tend to laugh hysterically when we are told how much we look alike. Six months ago, I finally got my non-identifying information in the mail from the state, with all of the identifying information redacted. It was like trying to read those CIA files you see being released on the news occasionally, with entire lines blacked out with a black Sharpie. Fortunately, the redactor wasn’t to skilled with his tool, and I was able to read my biological parents name through the ink, and then thanks to the page-to-page bleed from 30 years of sitting closed in the file, I was able to work out a last name.

In the space of 6 hours yesterday, I went from not knowing a whole lot about my biological family to knowing names, addresses and (unfortunately, disconnected) phone numbers.

Would y’all pray for me? Specifically that I would find a way to contact these folks and make certain that they are who I’m searching for? And that I would be polite and discreet in my initial conversation?

I’d be appreciative!

**UPDATE**: I’ve managed to track down a phone number for my biological uncle on my mom’s side. He and I just spoke on the phone during a class break and was able to ask some discreet questions, and I’m pretty certain that I’ve found the right people!! He said he is willing to pass my name and phone number on to his sister (who I think is my biological mother) when he gets off work at 5 PM. I covet your prayers more than ever!!


2 thoughts on “A Personal Request **UPDATED**

  1. Welcome Home! Adoption reunions are wonderfully exciting times, do you have people around you that have also had a reunion journey? I ALWAYS suggest that all parties read a ton of other POV frm other adoptees and found families so you are more emotionally prepared. It really helps to know you are not crazy and feeling overwhelmed is normal. AT least get on an adoptee message board like Adult Adoptees Advocating for Change, so you have peers that get it.

    Good Luck!

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