Machen on Catholicism

There is some great information to be found here regard the late, great J. Gresham Machen and what he had to say about the Church of Rome. It’s good reading, y’all.


A Philosophy of History Taken From the History of Philosophy

Just my own thoughts taken from the draft of my thesis:

If we understand history to be an outworking in time of man’s search for meaning, then history itself will follow the pattern laid out in Romans 1. The Christian historian recognizes that the unifying strand of all of history is man’s attempt to suppress the truth revealed verbally and infallibly by God about metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, and ultimately the truth that mankind needs a Redeemer.

The historian, no less than any other creature made in the image of God, will either seek to apply his own reason in an autonomous fashion, or will seek to think God’s thoughts after Him, applying the same interpretation to the facts of history that He does.


Shrapnel in ankleI thought y’all might like a heads up, seeing that nothing new has been posted here in a couple of weeks.

First, my father has had to see a cardiologist about having a pacemaker implanted, which has taken up a good deal of my life.

Second, after 10 years of pain, I finally had a rather large piece of shrapnel surgically removed from my back yesterday. I’m high as a kite from the painkillers I’ve been given, so writing coherent sentences is more work than it’s worth right now.

I’ll get back at posting here soon…

Are Evanglicals the Problem? Or is Adoption the Problem?

FootprintAs I believe most of my regular readers already know, I was adopted when I was 8-weeks-old. I have only recently been reunited with my biological family. The story is somewhat long and sordid, but all things being what they are, the reunion has been wonderful.

So when I talk about adoption, I speak of it as someone who is intimately familiar with it.

As most of you are also aware, I posted a link to an article from Mother Jones magazine a couple of days ago, and when I did, I mentioned that  there are aspects of the whole adoption “movement” (especially in evangelicalism) that I have some issues with. This post is going to lay out just a few of those for you.

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