Freedom of Expression?

Surely the government would never censor the speech of an ordained member of the clergy? Right?


Thursday Tunes

Because I was raised in the Baptist end of Christianity, occasionally I feel like a complete outsider as a Presbyterian. On other occasions, I have an incredible sense of sadness, because there is so much richness to historic, confessional Presbyterianism that I missed out on.

I’ve mentioned an aspect of that here at Southern Reformation once before. I often want to grab the children in my little Presbyterian church and ask them if they know how lucky they are that they’re being raised on the Shorter Catechism! That is just one profound devotional aspect of being Presbyterian that I wish I could have experienced as a child.

The other is using the Psalter in worship.

I had never sung a psalm before attending seminary. I had heard that there was this strange tribe that held to something called “exclusive psalmody,” but I was completely ignorant of what that meant. Much to my surprise, I would find myself a member of this strange tribe within a couple of years!

So for today’s (belated) installment of my ongoing “Tunes” series, we have a video of the RPCNA International Psalm-Sing.


The Limits of Authority (Part Two)

Shutting Down a TyrantWe’re reaching the end of our study of authority proper, and will shortly be looking at the question of conscience. But before we can get there, I need to expand on some issues related to the relationship between the family and the church.

The importance of the family as a God-ordained institution separate from the State and the Church cannot be understated. It is the weakest of the three institutions, and the one most under attack by both states and churches today.

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What Do You Do After the Fact?

criticismI came to manhood in the military—a place where being speaking your mind was a virtue.

These days, I’m a civilian…a civilian who’s in seminary, no less. While the church may be a lot of things, it’s not exactly a place where speaking your mind is considered a virtue. More often than not, speaking your mind is what will get you run out on a rail—especially if you’re young and in seminary.

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The Limits of Authority (Part One)

Shutting Down a TyrantWho has authority? Specifically, when dealing with ecclesiastical issues, who has authority delegated from God? Are their differing authorities over different areas? What degree of authority do these individuals possess?

These are questions that have plagued mankind from the Fall of Adam forward, and we should make clear from the outset that all authority resides in God. Some authority God delegates to others; some He doesn’t.

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The Limits of Authority (Introduction)

Shutting Down a TyrantAs some of my readers are already aware, I have been acting as pulpit supply for a small Presbyterian church near my hometown for several months now, and I have previously mentioned my concerns about heavy-handedness on the part of the previous pastor.

I was contacted this week by a member of the church’s session to let me know that the church was moving into the candidating phase, which means that they are actively looking for a permanent replacement for the previous pastor, and I’ve been invited to take part. In short, it appears that they church is interested in having me put my hat in the ring to become their next pastor.

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