Saying Nothing Isn’t Enough

For those who think that we who oppose so-called “gay marriage” can avoid repercussions by refusing to speak about the issue at all, think again.


Christian Counseling and the Problem of Empiricism

RodinAs I have mentioned before on this blog, if there is any theologian in the past hundred years that has rightly earned the title “Most Misunderstood,” Cornelius Van Til is at the top of the list. Van Til himself was incredibly consistent where the implications of his theology and philosophy were concerned, as Dr. K. Scott Oliphint has more than adequately proven. Unfortunately, not all of those who have followed in Van Til’s wake have been as consistent as he was.

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Letters to a Mormon Family Member

The_Church_of_Jesus_Christ_of_Latter-Day_Saints_in_Houston,_Texas,_2012Dear Aunt Debbi,

Of all the people I expected to comment on an intramural conversation between folks that are Presbyterian or Reformed, your comment was the most surprising.

I know that you have been raised in the LDS faith from your very birth, and we’ve rarely had the opportunity to discuss the differences between your faith and the faith of orthodox Protestants; I need to apologize to you for that. Some of my best memories are of visiting you and Uncle Johnny in Ludawici when we came to Georgia to visit Mimi and Papa. Because I didn’t want to create controversy within the family, I’ve been negligent in speaking as clearly (or as forcefully) as the situation requires. I hope you understand that I love you and Johnny very much. The fact that we have a massive disagreement where our mutual faiths are concerned doesn’t change that at all.

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