Machen on the Creed

J. Gresham MachenOne of the most forgotten aspects of J. Gresham Machen’s biography is his service in World War I. Apparently on one occasion, Machen attended a Mass offered by a Catholic chaplain, which led to a theological conversation afterward. Hearing the chaplain complain that the phrase “he descended into hell” had been left out of the version of the creed distributed to the American soldiers, Machen told his Catholic friend that while he couldn’t agree with him on the Mass, “I could assure him that I disapproved as much as he did of the mutilation of the creed”.

You’ve got to love Machen!


With Apologies

Ladies and gentlemen, you have my apologies for not getting anything posted or any replies written to your comments. My father just had to have his knee replaced, and I’m awfully short on time. I’ll post as I’m able.

Some General Thoughts on Jason Reed’s Conversion to Rome

Southern Evangelical Seminary, Charlotte, North CarolinaThe evangelical defection to Rome appears to be continuing unabated, as Jason Reed, formerly of Southern Evangelical Seminary in Charlotte, NC, has joined the Roman communion. Indeed, it’s because he was formerly a professor at SES that his conversion has caused a ruckus in certain parts of evangelicalism. (You can hear Jason tell the story of his conversion here.)

To be honest, I’m unsurprised to hear that yet another “evangelical” has swum the Tiber and made tracks for Rome.

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Husbands, Love Your Wives…

Fifty Years of FunMy parents have been married for fifty-three years. As a matter of fact, they eloped…during their junior year of high school in 1960.

Their relationship has survived past the half-century mark, through the everyday stress of a normal marriage, through the difficulties of infertility and adoption, and through the terrors of a triple-bypass and a pacemaker. They are truly an amazing couple.

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A Sinful Compromise: A Response to Dr. Harry Cook

The Banner, September 2013Theologically conservative members of the Christian Reformed Church ought to be concerned by the current trend in their denomination. One reason for concern is the fact that The Banner has repeatedly printed articles that push theistic evolution as an acceptable position for biblically faithful Christians. This situation calls for both discernment and response on the part of faithful Christians, both in the CRC and in other Presbyterian and Reformed denominations. Discernment is called for since the presence of such articles reveals the continuing creep of theological liberalism which will ultimately leave the Christian Reformed Church as yet another monument to apostasy from the faith. Response is called for because we are commanded as Christians to “give a defense for the hope that is within us” and to “contend for the faith once for all delivered to the saints.”

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