Rethinking Topical Preaching

2014-08-02 11.49.23-1In the last 20 years, but especially the last 10, there has been a significant resurgence of lectio continua preaching; that is, a return to the Reformation practice of preaching consecutively through one book of the Bible, Lord’s Day by Lord’s Day. Given the state of preaching when this resurgence began, it was manifestly a good thing. For decades our preaching failed to show the intimate connections to be found between passages in the same book, and also failed to patiently open up all of the doctrines found in a single book in Scripture.

On the other hand, not all has been well with this recovery of expository, lectio continua preaching. There are those in our congregations who are dissatisfied with the expository method, often for a whole host of reasons. Too many times our expository sermons seem more like bible study lessons than actual preaching. The preaching can also reach a certain level of monotony, especially if you linger too long in one particular section or chapter. On the whole, it seems that there are those in our churches who are starving for solid, biblically faithful topical preaching, and we haven’t provided it.

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