Letters to a Woman in the Midst of Divorce (Part 1)

My Dear Marie,

I received your recent letter detailing the process by which your marriage has been obliterated; you should know up front that my wife and I have been praying for you regularly, as your situation is clearly distressing. Both my wife and I myself encouraged you not to enter into marriage with Jerry, as it was clear to us from the outset that he was manipulative, deceptive, and given to violence, and yet you rejected our advice and proceeded with the marriage anyway. I don’t say any of this to blame or shame you, but to keep the context of the events that led to this point firmly in view. And while I wish that you had come to my wife and I when you discovered your husband’s first affair, that is now in the past, and it is the present with which we must deal. As I understand it your situation is this: you are eight weeks post-pregnancy, and you have discovered that your husband not only didn’t end his adulterous activities, but has been engaged in persistent adultery, to the tune of nearly a dozen affairs, most facilitated by the Internet (Ashley Madison, etc.).  Thus you have taken the baby and left your husband, now that Jerry’s serial adultery has been discovered.

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