Scott Walker, Evolution, and Media Idiocy

WalkerAs Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin begins to gear up for a potential presidential run in 2016, he’s been showing up more and more in my news feed. As the media continues to dig for dirt behind his reasons for dropping out of college, the media has determined to jump all over the fact that he effectively refused to answer the question, “Do you believe in evolution?” I should point out that the question was posed while he was at a trade summit, leading me to wonder what the question had to do with the immediate situation.

For the sake of full disclosure, I should point out at this point that I was in the middle of a summer internship in Wisconsin when Gov. Walker faced a recall election, and I’ve kept my eye on him ever since. After all, the last man anybody saw play real hardball with labor unions was Ronald Reagan. I should also point out, again for the sake of full disclosure, that I’ve never voted for a major party political figure since I’ve been eligible to vote; I’m way too conservative for the modern Republican party, and in fact I have an equal amount of vituperation for both the Republicans and the Democrats. The only group I dislike more than the Republicrats are journalists.

That being said, when I saw this article appear in my news aggregator, I groaned. Were I a candidate for public office and had this question posed to me, I would have needed to wipe the drool from my chin. The reporter is obviously intending to blind side the governor with what I can only characterize as a “Gotcha!” question. The obvious goal is to make the man look like a moron.

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